About Us

about us

AM Industrie is a newly established company based in M'sila, Algeria. In addition to being the site of the largest CNC machines online in Algeria, they also have one of the most popular CNC Spart Prts in Algeria. A large number of new products are available every day.

We are active in the numerical control machinery community. We also have our own brand "AM" which provides the same features at a lower cost. AM owns a full range of CNC machines and spare parts.

Whether it's a turn-key or a do-it-yourself machine, we believe everyone should have access to the tools, machine platforms, and resources to achieve their ambitions. Our goal is to fuel the manufacturing revolution with easy-to-use prototyping modules, low-cost development platforms and even customized solutions to help you realize your great ideas as quickly as possible.

A team of talented engineers and geeks has been brought together to provide a reversible platform that provides electronic solutions mainly for fun as commercial binifit is not our main concern.

No matter if you're a curious student, a skilled engineer or a hobbyist who loves to be creative, there will always be something here to meet your needs - and if there isn't something we'd like to know, we're constantly looking for new inspiration to help us expand our product range.

AM Industrie - CEO